Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Last night was a pretty bad night. Emma fell asleep at 7:30 and I was excited to have the whole evening to myself. That was all well and good, until she woke up at 11:30 and did not go back to sleep until after 3:00. She was driving me crazy in the bed with that incessant nipple twiddling again, so we got up and watched four episodes of a Roseanne marathon. I was hoping she'd fall asleep but no dice. When we finally went back to bed, the nursing started again. She'd switch quickly from side to side, often so quickly that she'd bite me and I finally couldn't take it anymore. I got up and put on a shirt and told her "milk night-night". Whoa. That did not go over well. Once before, a few weeks ago, I told her that but I eventually gave in and let her nurse again. Last night I was determined to stick to it because I didn't want to confuse her and I really couldn't stand the switching and twiddling anymore. Anyway, she cried and cried like her little heart was breaking. I felt terrible but was determined to set some boundaries. I would sing and rub her back until she calmed down, then she'd try to nurse again and when I said no again, we'd start all over. I don't want to night wean her because 95% of the time I love nursing her. It's that other 5% that is causing me problems. I'm worried about confusing her by letting her nurse most of the time, but not all. She's been nursing a bunch today so I think she's trying to reaffirm our nursing relationship. Poor Emma.

Today Emma and I got in the car to run some errands and it wouldn't start. Gah! The thought of being stuck here until Steve gets home on Friday was enough to make me go nuts. Luckily, it was not a big problem. My dad told me it was probably either the battery or the alternator, so I called AAA to come and charge the battery. (If you do not have AAA, you should call them today and sign up. For a whole family, one year is only something like $65 and it is SO worth it. Even if you never use it, the peace of mind is worth that.) The guy showed up in 16 minutes. He was super nice and helpful. When he left we went to Auto Zone and met another super nice and helpful guy. This guy checked my battery and alternator, determined I did need a new battery, helped me pick one out, and actually installed it in my car. Both guys told me batteries usually last 3-4 years, but the one in there was purchased in 1998!

Gas is $2.79! Holy smokes!

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studly d said...

I'm surprised that she didn't fall asleep after 10 minutes of Roseanne....How are those cookies coming along?