Thursday, August 25, 2005

When we moved in this house one year ago, there were three houses/families on this street that I didn't like for one reason or another. Either I saw them kicking their dogs, yelling at and hitting children, or having loud drunken parties with fights in the street. Two of those families have since moved out, and I am happy to report that the third house is now empty as well. Yesterday on our walk Emma and I noticed that it had been cleaned up a bit and there were those signs on the window saying the property has been repoed. Wa-hoo! Thank goodness!

The other day I bought some beads to make play jewelry for Emma. I made her a necklace and she has been wearing it non-stop. She even wanted to wear it to bed last night and was very upset when I wouldn't let her. She also got some new soft soled shoes which she loves as well. She actually did wear those to bed last night because she refused to take them off.

Yesterday Emma and I went to the yarn store and I got some fun yarn for the next pair of Christmas socks. I started them last night. Now, if only I could make myself finish the fist pair I started!

Steve has to go out of town again all next week. Bah!

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