Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Today I went to the dentist to get a cavity filled. Due to my intense fear of needles, I was dreading the visit. But, surprise! The dentist said he could fill it without numbing me first. I was somewhat nervous when the drilling started but I didn't feel a thing and it was over in about three minutes. Steve was supposed to meet us there so he could watch Emma, but he was in a meeting that ran late. I was embarassed, but the people there were so great! They got toys for her and the receptionist played with her in the hall while I was stuck in the chair. She had a blast sitting in one of the chairs while one of the hygenists raised her up and down. This is a new dentist, and I love him!

I've been feeling a little sad lately because Emma really isn't a baby anymore. How can she be growing up so fast? Sometimes I just find myself staring at her, marveling at how much she has grown. Every day her little brain amazes me! Doesn't she look like an old kid???


studly d said...

She looks so pleased with herself in that picture. I suppose she does look pretty old, but I could still take her.

Abbinator said...

Emma looks so adorable. Please let David have her in Kirksville for six months.