Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Emma is getting sneaky. She's always throwing her food to the dogs, even though she's not supposed to. Now when I see her about to do it, I say "Emma, no!" and she'll excitedly point to and name something on the refrigerator - to distract me - and then still toss the food on the floor with her other hand! Luckily I am clever enough to see through her little game! :) The bad thing is that I'm always giving my own food to the dogs. I'm trying to stop, or at least be sneaky about it LOL, so Emma will forget how much fun it is. I'm sure the dogs don't appreciate it, though!

I've been working on painting the bedroom, but it's coming along slooooowly. Painting with a toddler running around is, impossible. There is no way I'm going to have it finished by the time Steve comes home. On the bright side, I love the color I got. I wanted a bright, but calming green color. A lot of the light greens were kind of minty looking and I didn't want that. While trying to decide on a color, I was desperately wishing for someone else's opinion (other than Emma's), but it turns out I made an okay pick.

Right now I'm dyeing some prefolds. I've dyed some in the past and they turned out well, but I must have done something wrong this time. The ones I'm doing now are quite possibly the ugliest color I've ever seen. They are supposed to be chartreuse, but are unfortunately some nasty brownish grayish green color. Bleh.


studly d said...

You should send me a pic of the bedroom. I don't know why I just said "pic", because I think that that is a stupid word. You should send me a picture of the bedroom instead. Also, with a model like you to follow, Emma has no chance. It's just a lucky thing her godfather is such a cool cat.

Mom said...

David, I enjoy reading your posts as well as Sarah's! I guess you are both clever in the middle of the night!

HeyMamaJulie said...

Is the chartreuse you are using from Dharma? I bought their chartruese and it turned out "yuck" too.

Kara said...

Pictures? Where are the pictures? :) I'd love to see a picture of the new green bedroom when it's finishes and the prefolds.