Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I am happy to report that Emma is back to her cheerful, nutty self. She was a little fussy this morning, but was much better by the afternoon and we ended up having a great day. She didn't go to sleep until after midnight, but I was so relieved that she was feeling better that I didn't mind.

We had the yummiest dinner ever. I made macaroni and cheese, but added broccoli, peas, and some red pepper to make it a complete meal. I used whole wheat flour, whole wheat pasta, half cow's milk and half soy and it was fabulous! Mmmm...I'm a sucker for cheesy stuff.

Here she is enjoying one of her favorite activities.


studly d said...

The second pic reminds me of you a few months ago. You should mail me some mac and cheese deliciousness. Abbie wants to kidnap Ems. Probably not for her perfect hygiene though.

Anonymous said...

Your macaroni and cheese sounds delicious, but could it be as good as the kind with Velveeta cheese?!
See, Carol from the library was right: If you have this blog and post all your personal info and pics, people will want to kidnap sweet little Emma!

Abbinator said...

I don't really want to kidnap Emma. I just want David to bring her here for a fun weekend or maybe a semester. Her pictures are so cute!