Sunday, October 16, 2005

I am super tired. Yesterday we got up at the crack of dawn to go volunteer at this 5K run to benefit a local charity. We got there and drove around for quite awhile trying to find the race setup. Turns out...duh...the race was today, not yesterday. This morning, once again, we got up before the sun and drove 45 minutes to get there. At least today we weren't the only ones there! It was actually pretty fun. We had to stand on the course and direct the runners which way to turn. Emma was with us, waving and clapping, and many of the runners huffed and wheezed about how cute she was as they passed.

This week while Steve is gone, I'm going to work on a project to surprise him. My problem is I can't decide which project to do. I'm for sure going to sew curtains for the bedroom and make a (hopefully) cool wall design using our photos. I'm also either going to paint the bedroom or the bathroom. The bathroom would be quick and easy, plus we already have the paint. Also, I can only paint while Emma is asleep and painting the room in which she is sleeping could prove to be quite difficult. But, even though it makes way more sense to do the bathroom, I'm probably going to do the bedroom anyway. Since I'm already doing the curtains and some decorations, I think it will be more satisfying to just do the whole thing.

I'm planning on making a wall collage with black and white pictures. I'd really love to use pictures from our wedding, but I don't have any digital ones to use for copies. Argh! I will probably end up using pictures of Emma, just because that's really all we have. Our entire house is filled with pictures of her adorable little self, why not fill the bedroom with them as well?


speedy D said...

What was the winning time at the 5K?

studly d said...

Candy corn is disgusting. :o=
(that guy is vomiting, I think)
I recommend you change your background to something more appealing, such as the guy on the far right in this pic:
I don't know who he is, but he has a rather winning smile and a piercing blue eyes.