Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Remember how I was complaining about the shipping costs? Well, this morning one of the mamas PM'd me to say she noticed the shipping was more than I'd quoted and she sent me an extra $5. What a nice gesture!

Last night I was trying to learn a little bit of html so I could change some things on my blog template. I IMed my brother to complain about how difficult it was. He managed to take enough time out of his statistics homework to tell me that he wishes he had my life. Because, really, I do have a pretty sweet deal going on here. For example, last night Steve was at work until 12:30, David (my brother) was up doing icky statistics and calculous homework, and I was just playing. My whole life is one big playtime. I really have no worries, no major problems. This morning Emma and I went to the library, went out to lunch, then came home and played in the backyard. When she wakes up from her nap, we're going on a hayride at a nearby pumpkin patch. All this while so many people are sitting at desks, making phone calls, driving in traffic...I am so very thankful that I have this life. Now, I'm off to make some hot tea and read a book!


studly d said...

I don't really want to have your life; I was just saying that so you would feel bad about complaining to me so I could get back to the probability mass function(!).

Katie said...

What a nice and uplifting post!

I get all my html help from here