Monday, November 14, 2005

I've been bitten by the knitting bug again. I was working on those socks for so long and they were coming along so slowly, that I stopped working on them all together and thought maybe I was at the end of my knitting career. Nope. As it turns out, I am apparently only at the end of (or at least taking a super long break from) my knitting with double pointed needles career. Friday night I started knitting a pair of longies for Emma and they are coming along beautifully. Today Emma and I went to the yarn store and she slept in the Mei Tai while I perused the yarn and, once again, dreamt of all the fabulous things I will create.

The only problem with my rediscovered obsession with knitting is that I have lots of sewing I should be doing instead. I have a huge project, or rather eight medium sized projects, to be finished by Christmas. I'm starting to get slightly nervous about that. I can see myself staying up until four in the morning the entire week before Christmas to finish those. (And Julie, I prmoise I'll get those pants done soon!)


studly d said...

Are these 8 medium sized projects for christmas presents, by any chance? What exactly are you making...?

studly d said...

Never mind; I actually figured it out/remembered.

HeyMamaJulie said...

Seriously, I do not need and am not waiting on those pants. In fact, if you want to wait and make summer shorts instead, I would be totally fine with that.

More good news for you... My MIL has a wooly wonders pattern she never used (huff) for longies. I'll try to snag it over Christmas.