Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Regular shampoo contains all sorts of questionable ingredients, so for awhile now I've been on a search for a safer alternative. After a couple failed attempts using baking soda and vinegar, I finally settled on a natural brand of shampoo. Not ideal, but better than conventional stuff. Well, now I've found something new. I ordered a couple of these shampoo bars and I tried one for the first time tonight. It says there is usually an adjustment period where your hair looks, well, gross, for a week or so. My aunt is coming to visit tomorrow and I'll probably be looking like some slimeball who hasn't showered in weeks. I'll update on the nastiness of my hair as the week progresses. (I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat, right?)

Along with the shampoo bars, I also got a free sample of some powdery stuff that, when mixed with various things, becomes a face mask. I mixed mine with mashed avocado and some lavender EO. Apparently I didn't mash the avocado well enough because instead of a smooth mixture, I got a clumpy mess. I did my best to smear it on my face and now I'm sitting here like some scary swamp monster. There was a bunch left over and I wanted to put it on Steve but he refused. Well, he'll be sorry when he sees my clear and glowing complexion!


studly d said...

You are a gross thing.

Kara said...

We need pictures of this so-called scary swamp monster! :o)