Wednesday, November 30, 2005

When I lived at my mom's house, we had this Christmas tree ornament that I absolutely loved. I remember taking it off the tree to gaze at it many times every year. One year when we were taking down the tree, I even "stole" it and hid it in my dresser so that I could gaze at it whenever I pleased throughout the year. The ornament actually belonged to my brother Andy, but that didn't stop me from taking it with me when I moved out. We finished setting up our tree today, and without my pointing it out to her, Emma is obsessed with the ornament. She is carrying it around and telling me about the ni-night baby over and over and over and over. Very cute.

In other less cute news, Emma has been on a hitting and kicking streak the past few days. We'll be sitting around playing nicely, and suddenly she'll giggle, then turn around and smack me in the face. So far I've just been telling her that I don't want to play with someone who hits me, and leaving the room. She'll stop for awhile, but then a little later she'll walk up to one of the dogs and kick him in the ribs. She always laughs but I don't know how to get through to her that hitting/kicking isn't a joke. :(


Katie said...

SHe is so cute!

Bree does that too. (hitting and kicking) I think its just a stage. I hope it is! LOL

mom said...

I am going to print the sweet story about the pretty ornament and give it to Grandma R. because she gave the ornament to Andy. If Andy reads this, he might want it back!

studly d said...
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