Thursday, December 01, 2005

Before Emma was born, my mom gave me this book. It's full of great little stories that have been compiled from New Beginnings (LLL's monthly magazine). Today I was paging through it, hoping to find some encouragement regarding night-nursing a toddler. I did find it, and also found a poem that I was searching for a few months ago.

The Family Bed
by Carrie Scully

It's only a double
And sometimes there's trouble
With covers and kicking about.
But o-o-o-h it's so warm
And it can't do much harm
When you feel all the love in and out.

This morning I woke
And this is no joke...
I was holding my little girl's hand.
So who could disgrace
The love that took place
While we dreamed our sweet dreams hand in hand?

It's a cute poem, but the sweetness is sort of lost on me now. I think I'm getting a little burnt out on co-cleeping. Lately Emma has been nursing all night long, and it's getting old. Plus she is getting bigger and suddenly taking up much more room. Sometimes I lay there, smashed on all sides by Steve, Ems, Jose, and Paco and fantasize about having a whole bed all to myself. I always thought we would co-sleep indefinitely but now Steve and I are discussing getting Emma her own bed in a few months. We'd probably put a little mattress on the floor in our room and have her sleep there sometimes, just for the sake of a little breathing room!

I ordered some Babylegs (legwarmers, basically) in a co-op and they came yesterday. They are so cute and very convenient for diaper changing. Here is the kid sporting her favorite pair.


mom said...

Could you let Emma stay and kick out Jose and Paco?

Katie said...

ohh those are cool!! I gotta get some!

I hear you on the bed hoggin and night nursing. We have discussed getting a toddler bed also. I cant belive you still let the dogs up. They were the first to get booted! LOL Poor dogs :P