Friday, December 16, 2005

Emma is obsessed with purses. Also, she loves the shoes I wore on the date Tuesday, and has hardly taken then off since then. I took these pictures of my little lady yesterday.
Last night Steve had to work late so we met him at Minsky's for dinner. While we were there, he told me that his firm recently took an anonymous employee satisfaction poll. In the Kansas City office, 92% of the employees said KPMG was a great company for which to work!!! Ha!! They should give the survey to the employee's spouses!


Abbinator said...

Haha. Emma is becoming quite the fashionista.

mom said...

Those pictures are all cute, but probably not Christmas-card-worthy! How is your Christmas letter coming? Probably about like ours! Even Sister Jeanne Margaret asked about it today at the St. Dominic Christmas Mass.

OC Mama said...

Sooo cute!