Thursday, December 08, 2005

Today it was snowing when Ems and I got up and it is still snowing now, over 15 hours later! I think we have about 8 inches. I really want to take the kiddo out to play in it tomorrow but the high temp is supposed to be 14 degrees so that may not be a good idea. She could probably handle it, but I am a wimp!

Steve was supposed to fly to New Jersey today but cancelled the trip because of the storm. Woo-hoo! Tonight we risked our lives to venture out to Blockbuster and get the first two DVDs of the newly released Season 4 of 24. We are obsessed with that show and the releases of each season are cause for much celebration around here. Tonight we watched the first six episodes. Steve said he is taking the DVDs to work tomorrow to make sure I don't watch any episodes without him. I'll just have to wait until tomorrow night to get my Jack Bauer fix.

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