Tuesday, December 27, 2005

We had a wonderful Christmas. Here are some pics from the weekend. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them if you want.

Here is David wearing lovely mittens knitted by yours truly.

I'm so bummed that this one is blurry. Ems got these singing, light-up antlers from Abbie and her family.
Finally, your chance to see my chopped hair!
My grandma knitted this adorable little dress for Emma.
This is Emma and my cousin's baby, Colin, looking at the Nativity scene together. So cute!
And, finally, here are the pants. I stayed up until after 3:00am twice last week working on them. I finished everyone's except mine and my brother Andy's, who lives in Oregon and won't be here until New Years anyway.


Katie said...

Omg, I love that dress!! And I think your hair looks great! Im glad the pants were a hit!

studly d said...

Wow. You have an amazingly attractive family.

Abbinator said...

This post is adorable. My mom and I loved the picture of Emma with the antlers! She kept cooing "sweeeett Emma" in my ear when I showed her. Who is that crazy-looking guy with the mittens?

mom said...

Thanks for all the adorable pictures! We do really love the matching pants, and your sweet idea.

Pa said...

Who does Dave think he is? Marcel Marceau?