Sunday, December 04, 2005

We were having a good day yesterday until about 9:00 when several bad things happened. First, I realized I'd made a horrible mistake on the mitten I'd been knitting and I had to rip out the entire thing. Second, Emma knocked over the Christmas tree and Steve tried to blame it on me by saying I'd set it up wrong. Third, while trying to right the tree, Steve managed to crush several glass ornaments and grind them into the carpet. Things sort of seemed to spiral out of control, and by the time Emma went to sleep at freakin 2:00 a.m., I was so mad at Steve (who had already been asleep for several hours) that I was going to sleep on the couch. At around 4:00, I realized that Emma, Jose, Paco, and I weren't all gong to fit comfortably (or even uncomfortably) on the couch, so I swallowed my pride and we all went to bed.

Today we noticed that poor Ems just had a tooth pop through, so that probably explains her constant nursing as of late.

Now I'm going (all by myself!) to get my eyebrows done and hopefully get this haircut. I'm sure it will look cute whenI get home, but tomorrow when I have to actually style it myself, it will be back to it's usual blah self. Either way, I am so looking forward to having an hour alone!


OC Mama said...

I'm sorry about your tree,and the stuff that followed, I hope you got it all fixed up. We didn't put up a tree this year because I just couldn't figure out how to keep Amelia out of it unless I put it in the kitchen or my bedroom... :-)

Katie said...

Ugh! I have been there *soo* many times! MEN! Teething sucks!