Friday, January 20, 2006

Steve should be home in about two hours! He's going in to work tomorrow, but tonight I'm just focusing on his being home.

Emma loves to play house under anything bigger than a paper towel. Today I made the mistake of creating a big "house" in which we could play. Once we were inside, we weren't allowed to leave. The dogs would escape and she would crawl out and chase after them, yelling, "DOE! PATS! HOUSE!", and then drag them back in. I think poor Joe and Pax were even more sick of playing house than I was.

I'm planning to make a slideshow video for Emma's birthday every year depicting the previous year. It's time I should start working on the second year, so I've been busy working on the first year, which I never actually completely finished. Oops! I moved some picture files around awhile ago and it's been a huge hassle getting this thing together. I finally thought I had it finished today and for some reason it wouldn't copy to the DVD. Argh! I'm going to have to mess with it some more, but I'm already sick of putting so much time into what should really be a very simple project.


Pa said...

If you can ever figure it out, we would like a copy.

katie said...

haha!! She is so cute!