Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Today I finished my first felted project. It was pretty much a bust. I used some old left over ugly yarn, so it's not too great a loss. I was hoping I could use it to cart my knitting supplies around, but it's way too small for that. Emma is loving it as a purse, though. To the left you can see it pre-felting. Don't ask me why the handles are so off center. If I knew why, I would have been sure to do them correctly. I also did my three needle bind-off inside out. This is basically just a whole project gone wrong.

Today I made another cooking club meal. It was a LOT of trouble and took forever, so that's the last time I will be making that dish. Plus I didn't saute the celery long enough so the soup has a little unwelcome crunch to it. To anyone reading this who will be receiving my Wild Rice Soup, I apologize.

I finished Emma's birthday video (that I was supposed to be giving her last year). If you're interested in more pictures of Emma than you ever cared to see, you can view it here. Please feel free to turn up your volume. Note: You will be asked to download a plugin. This is very easy and quick to do, so if you want to watch it, don't let that stop you. If you don't want to watch it, here is a single picture so you can get your cuteness fix.


Abbinator said...

Emma is so cute. Do you think she'd like to take a trip to the Czech Republic next week for a few months? She looks like she needs a vacation.
I also like your new layout. I want one now!

studly d said...

I can't believe you messed up the three needle bind-off! Amateur.

Katie said...

She is adorable!! I love the new look!