Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Today was absolutely lovely. A trip to the yarn store, lunch out with Steve, three walks and two trips to the park on account of the fantastic weather...what more could I ask for?

Since Saturday Steve and I have been craving some Greek food, only to be disappointed again and again. Sunday we went on a quest all over the city, only to find out that every single Greek restaurant within a 50 mile radius is closed on Sundays. (We did, however, find a rather delicious Italian place.) Monday night he called when leaving work and said he was going to go to the Greek place and pick up some stuff. Turns out they close early Monday nights. Ack! So today when he called and invited Emma and me to enjoy a Greek lunch with him, I had to scrap our original plans to go to the children's museum. It was totally worth it; that was for sure the tastiest lunch I've eaten in months. (And now that I think about it, I've eaten out at least once every single day since last Thursday. Good golly - no wonder I've been feeling a little extra chunky lately!)


studly d said...

You made a wise choice about skipping the museum for the Greek meal. I have no justification for that statement since I don't even know how Greek food tastes.

mamaspeak said...

Not Greek, but Mediterranean and similar...have you been to the Jerusalem Cafe in Westport? Yummmmmm. Best gyros, baba ganouj, and kebabs I've ever had :)

Abbinator said...

I will try to try (bad grammar, haha) real Greek food and tell you how it tastes.