Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ahhhhhh. I just finished taking a shower...brace yourself...all ALONE! It was my first solitary shower since the ski trip a few weeks ago. There is something so relaxing about not having to sing "Let's Go Fly a Kite!" and "Do Your Ears Hang Low?" throughout an entire shower.

Today was a great day of mail. I got two FREE books from paperbackswap.com, some circular needles destined for knitting many fabulous socks, and prints from a photo shoot Emma and I attended a few weeks ago. I've been wanting a good nursing picture for a long time now and Stefanie, the wonderful photographer, got one that I really love.
I should probably work on one of my many projects right now, but instead I'm going to brew some tea and sit down to spend some quality time with my friend, the Internet. I will leave you with a picture of Her Cuteness and the shoes she loves dearly and refuses to remove, even for bedtime.


David said...

What a rebel she is.

Katie said...

She is SO cute!!

I had to laugh about the relaxing shower, cause ain't it the truth!

mom said...

I want to strongly recommend Living More with Less to anyone who reads Sarah's blog! It has been a very influential book for me. I think you should highlight it as you read, for even more pleasure.