Saturday, March 04, 2006

So I just sat down on the couch with my knitting, and set a huge mug full of the last of my delicious Japanese Cherry tea on the floor next to me. About three seconds later, I kicked the stupid mug over, completely soaking three library books and the carpet. Lovely.

I don't ever want to see another tuna casserole again. I love the stuff, but after making 10 pans of it in the last two days, and then eating it for dinner tonight, I think I've had enough for awhile. A good long while. On the bright side, I am SO looking forward to filling my freezer with many delicious homemade meals tomorrow!

Steve is home, and will be for the next week, at least. Yay!

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Catherine said...

isn't it ironic that i've been jonesing for tuna casserole:)

hey, i tried to get to the park in time yesterday to drop off my fabric for teh BAGS!!!! but missed you guys. did orion celebrate in high-style? i'll call you later!