Monday, March 13, 2006

This morning Emma and I went swimming at the community center. We hadn't been there in two, maybe three, months. When we used to go, Emma would fearlessly run around in the water, not caring if it was over her head or not. Today, not so much. At first she was really excited, but as soon as we walked into the pool area, she tensed up and clung to my leg. I carried her into the water, but she was absolutely terrified, crying and clinging to my neck with all her might. We only stayed about fifteen minutes, with her begging to go home the entire time, and not once did she release her deathgrip on my neck. She did, however, have a great time playing house in all the lockers!

I'm thinking it's time I turn to Emma for all my gardening advice. Her plants are putting my tomatoes (which have yet to sprout a single sprout) to shame.


Shawn said...

Look at those beautiful plants growing! You girls are doing good! I haven't ordered mine yet.

mom said...

Did you ever try bringing her to the babysitting at the Community Center again?