Saturday, April 22, 2006

I love garage sales! Emma and I hit the jackpot yesterday. We got her a ton of clothes, most of which are from Gymboree, and some of which still even had the tags on. Have I mentioned that I love garage sales?

Last night Emma was alseep by 8:00, which was great, until she started waking up every 15 minutes. I got tired of nursing her back to sleep, so around 10:30 I just let her get up. The three of us ended up staying up until 4:00 a.m.! We were having such a good time together that I never stopped to think, "Why in the heck are we still bloody awake at this hour?"

Tonight Steve and I are going to a some benefit dinner with some of his co-workers. It was pretty last minute, so the only person we could find to watch Emma is Steve's cousin. He is really nice and Emma likes playing with him, but I'm still pretty nervous about it. He's like a young bachelor-type guy and I'm worried that, while he may have good intentions, he just might not posess the nurturing qualities needed to soothe Emma if she starts to miss me. We are also going to a dinner Tuesday (my mom will be here to watch her then) and I'm feeling pretty darn guilty about leaving Emma twice in one week. I hope she doesn't feel abandoned.


HeyJulieMama said...

I went to garage sales this week too and hardly got anything. Krap. Sometimes I love garage sales, sometimes I immensly hate them.Oh, and there is always tons of cute clothes for girls but nothing for boys unless your into Spiderman. Ugh.

Deanna said...

We went garage sale hunting today too and got diddly! The girls and I went yesterday and Allison scored for clothes at one house. But poor Meredith and Lydia got nothing but a game. I did however, get a really cool lock-box like this one (except plain wood, no paint): for only $5

I think I've decided that you get better stuff if you garage sale shop on Friday or even Thursday, but you may not find as many sales. I love garage sale shopping too :-)

Shawn said...

We'll have to go garage sale shopping together! I love finding a good bargain! We should be having our neighborhood one soon, I'll let ya know! :) Bethany was also up every hour it is kinda fun to stay up every now and again :)

mom said...

Why would anybody ever buy kids' clothes in a store? I am thinking Emma and I will have such a happy evening together that she won't even notice you and Steve are gone!