Sunday, May 07, 2006

Remember that old Hungry Hungry Hippos game? I always wanted it when I was a kid, but never got it. When I saw one at a garage sale Friday, I figured I could make my childhood dreams come true, so I bought it. Since then, the three of us have been playing some pretty hard core Hungry Hungry Hippos. Because there is no taking turns (Emma's downfall with other children's games), it works perfectly and hours (and I mean hours) of fun can be had by all. Another good garage sale score - we got a pair of barely-worn Robeez boots for a DOLLAR!

I finally finished the Jaywalker sock! It has the least mistakes of all my knitted socks to date. I can't bring myself to cast on the other one just yet, so who knows when I will actually be showing off a picture of the actual completed pair. Let me just say, don't hold your breath.

Remember how I said I was going to plant all those things this weekend? Well, at this point I have planted exactly zero plants. It's been raining every day for what seems like forever, so our whole garden is a muddy slop hole. Can you plant in saturated soil? I have no idea. I guess I may just have to try it and find out, otherwise my tomatoes, green beans, carrots, sunflowers, pumpkins, and watermelons are going to miss the boat.

I need some knitting advice. You may remember that I'd been knitting a coat for Emma, and I ran out of yarn and ordered some more. I ordered the same colorway, but of course the dye lot was different so I was somewhat concerned that the yarn wouldn't match perfectly. It came on Friday, and was worse than I expected. The yarn in the coat is a light pink, with a few different shades. The yarn I just got is like a solid icky grayish pink color. All I have left to do on the coat is an attached I-Cord all around the edge. I don't really want to use the gray-pink yarn. I could try to find another color (white?) in another yarn, but in the same gauge, and use that, or I already have two other colorways in the same yarn - one pink and peach, one pink with reddish colors (I think I overdid it a little on the pink that day). Any other ideas or advice would be appreciated.

Emma and I just made some whole-wheat cinnamon rolls. Mmmm! They should be finished rising now, so I'm off to pop them in the oven and play a few rounds of (what else?) Hungry Hungry Hippos while we wait.


mom said...

What is a colorway? I think white would look pretty. Can you return the ugly pink for a refund?
Dad and Peter and I are looking forward to playing the Hungry Hippo game with you and Emma soon.

David said...

I think that the only feasible solution is to turn the coat into a sweater for me. But first dye it non-pink. Thanks.

Kara said...

I think white would look as well. I'd also want a refund on the yarn... tell them you know it wouldn't be a perfect match but it isn't even close. Send that picture in to them to support your refund request!

Catherine said...

Gorgeous Sock! Who needs two anyway?

I need you to call me. Wondering if you'd like to share your education plans with me. Completely selfish request to follow that discussion. So, buckle your chin strap!

oh, and the word verification that i just had to do to post this was MASSIVE! you must be in a red security level situation here, momma!!

grandma said...

Don't plant in wet ground. It will just turn into rock and nothing will grow well- just wait until it dries out. I think white would look good on the sweater. I think you deserve a refund and as Kara said send in the picture for proof.

Shawn said...

yup I second the a matter of fact I have a $6 ball of yarn sitting here with your name on it! :) That is if Bethany doesn't tear it apart first. Maybe we can get together at Catherines for a play date :)