Saturday, July 22, 2006

What is the deal? I went to bed two hours ago, and after laying there for over an hour, I was still wide awake so I just went ahead and got up again. I'm going to be suffering tomorrow.

We need a bigger bed. A king size would be nice, but something even bigger would be ideal. I know another family who has a king and queen mattress on the floor all together. The mom sewed a bedspread to cover it all and their family sleeps on the whole thing together. Now THAT'S what we need. Unfortunately, our bedroom is so tiny that we probably don't even have room for a king. Poo. Our bed is so crowded now that I don't know what we're going to do when we ever have another baby. Every night I try to move around and get comfortable, only to find out that I'm completely sandwiched in on all sides by random legs, arms, bellies, and tails. I'm sure at this point most normal people would be thinking, "Duh. Get the dogs and the kid out of your bed." But I don't want to do that at all. Our dogs would be so lonely on the floor, and I like being close to Emma all night. I think having our whole family in one bed is really good for us. So back to square can we just have more space? Like, so we're close together but not on top of one another. Hey - what about a trundle bed? I wonder if one would fit under our bed. Then we could have it up at night, but hidden away under the bed during the day. After a quick search, I can't find just the bottom part anywhere, but we could get something like this and just use the bottom now and save the regular top part for later. At some point we'll probably need another bed, anyway. I can't wait to tell Steve! Oh, I hope this works!

Steve is about to complete his fifth year with his firm, so as a little reward he got to select a prize from list of about thirty random things. Most of the stuff was like watches and fancy vases for which we have absolutely no use, but they did have this cookware set. We decided to get that, so now I'm happy that I can finally throw out my Teflon pots and pans.

About three years ago, before we ever lived in this house, Steve told his mom and step-dad that they could store a bunch of stuff in our garage. They brought it over and what it really was was a ton of trash. Seriously no one else would have thought twice about throwing all this stuff in the garbage. A big old rotted desk with only three legs, two big rusty file cabinets missing most of their drawers, some massive old plastic hose thing with a bunch of gaping holes in it, you get the idea. So we drug all that crap to this house when we moved and it's been taking up a lot of space in our basement ever since. Every time I see it, which is multiple times every day, it annoys me. After much nagging from me, today Steve finally asked his mom when they were coming to get their stuff. Her answer was basically never. She said they'd get it as soon as they build a garage, which means never. She said a lot of other things in the conversation that just drove me absolutely crazy, but I won't go into all that.

Now that it's almost 3:00, I'm going to stop this random rambling and try to get some sleep.


Catherine said...

LOVE the cookware! Congrats.

Sleep....don't know what to tell you about that. But you DID have some time to yourself, huh? Nice!

mom said...

Who's going to sleep on the trundle bed--Jose and Paco, or you?!

David said...

Maybe MIL is hinting that you and Steveo should build them a garage for a friendly present...