Thursday, August 17, 2006

Can I whine a little? Or maybe a lot.

I am so miserable. I've thrown up every single thing I've eaten for the past two days. Last time I was pregnant, Slimfast was the only thing I could actually consume and keep down, but now I can't find the only flavor I liked! The other flavors are gross and they just make me throw up more. Sadly, it even appears that my love affair with Quizno's is over because yesterday I even threw up my Smoked Turkey sandwich. :( Emma has been telling me she doesn't feel well, then going over and spitting into her potty. Even her cuteness doesn't make me feel better. Blah.


David said...

This sounds like an unfortunate turn of events. I hope that you are able to eat something one of these days before you waste away completely.

katie said...

Oh but that is so cute! LOL

allison said...

Sorry Sarah you're feeling so bad.
That's cute about Emma.
I had a 5 yr old following me around when I was in labor making the same noises I was, wasn't funny at the time but it is now.