Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Emma and I got a wonderful package in the mail today from my friend at Vegan Knitting. Emma received a beautiful knitted hat, as well as some other toys and goodies that she loves. She wanted to take a bath to use her new bath crayons right away, and they kept her busy for a good thirty minutes! I also got some fun little things, apparently so I didn't feel left out. It was a great surprise!

Yesterday Emma was chasing Pax around and hitting him with a fly swatter. I made her stop, then asked her if she would like it if someone hit her with a fly swatter. She nodded vigorously and said, "YES!" Well, she was not kidding. Ever since I said that, she's been handing me the fly swatter every five minutes and saying, "Chase me and hit me with the fly swatter, mommy!" I am getting pretty tired of that game. Plus it was hard to explain to her that, while she may enjoy getting hit (gently) with a fly swatter, Pax does not.

I'm still knitting those four blankets. They all seem to be going pretty slowly, mostly because with four going, I can't spend too much time on any one. I was hoping to get these done to give to my parents and my three brothers by Christmas, but that hope is long gone. Next Christmas, perhaps.

Here is the log cabin. I like it a lot, but those "logs" are starting to get pretty long. Last night I figured that the white log I just started will take 2400 stitches. By itself. Slow going, as you can see.

The other three I'm doing are going to be composed of blocks. I'm thinking each one will be 60 blocks, so you can see I have a LONG way to go. These first ones are slightly different sizes because I made a couple of them when I was still working on not twisting my stiches and my gauge was off. I'm going to have to rip those out.

These are mitered squares from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I love these!

I like these, but I don't think they'll make a good blanket all by themselves. I'll have to come up with another block style to add in.


Shawn said...

What a cute hat! I love getting mail as long as it's not bills! :) I've been working on crocheting a log cabin quilt for like the last 5 yrs....one of these days it will get done!

Can't wait to see you and Emma on Friday!!!

Mom said...

Sarah, I would love a blanket, but if that gets too tedious, you could give pretty potholders to everyone you know!

David said...

Perhaps Emma needs a little harder of a swat to deter her from that game...
And don't listen to Mom; potholders are about the second last thing on my list of preferred gifts, just above a visit from you.