Friday, September 08, 2006

Emma and I hit the garage sales this morning to look for maternity clothes. Trouble is, where there are maternity clothes, there are baby/toddler clothes, and I have a severe weakness for cute, cheap clothes for Emma. While I did find a few things for myself, Emma is the one who really scored.

After the garage saling, we stopped at Mimi's Cafe to eat. I was hoping I could order Egg's Benedict, my favorite breakfast in the whole world, and actually enjoy eating something for a change. I was about half way through it, when I bit down on the teeniest piece of eggshell, and lost everything. We were about as far away from the bathroom as possible, so my only other option (other than throwing up right there on the floor) was to sprint outside and puke on the landscaping in front of the building. Lovely. I was so embarassed. And then of course I couldn't bear to eat the rest of my breakfast. Sigh.

Steve has been in Houston all this week, but he returned last night. I am absolutely overjoyed to have him back home. Now maybe someone can clean up the kitchen. (And by that I mean him.)


David said...

That is unfortunate about the Eggs Benedict. And the landscaping. You should plan your seating in restaurants more carefully.

mom said...

I love when I read your blog and Davey's comments and laugh out loud at both. I am sorry about your predicament, though. I hope you have a healthy weekend!