Sunday, October 29, 2006

Last night Steve and I were supposed to go to a work thingey of his, but it was cancelled. A friend of mine had already agreed to watch Emma, so we originally planned on going on a date by ourselves instead. After thinking about it some more, we couldn't really think of anything to do - going out to dinner seemed silly because we do that all the time, and there weren't any movies we were dying to see - so we ended up just staying home and having a lovely evening together, all three of us. We drank lots of hot apple cider and carved our pumpkins. Steve wants me to post a contest here and have you vote on which pumpkin is the best. You can probably tell which one is his if you know how weird he is anything about him, but just humor us. Here are the pumpkins. If you so desire, you can cast your vote over on the right sidebar.


mom said...

Peter and I love both pumpkins, but we can't quite believe you really carved them! How did you do it?

Abbie said...

If Steve carved the picture of Abe without a pattern, I will think he is a master artist! Your spider is really cute as well.

Kara said...

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