Friday, November 10, 2006

Awhile ago I mentioned that Steve had gotten a speeding ticket, and then because of some sort of miscommunication with our lawyer, he had a warrent out and a threatened license suspension. To avoid the suspension, and all the hassle and money that would be involved in reinstating his license, we had to take a last minute, middle of the night trip to St. Louis (where he got the ticket) Wednesday night. He didn't get home from work until after 9:00 that night, so we ended up rolling in to my parents' house pretty late. Thursday morning he went in and paid the fines, then we hit the road again and were back home a little after noon. It was nice to see my mom - for all of 45 minutes - but it seemed like a huge waste to make that drive and not get to stay any longer.

Emma has suddenly become super whiny and bossy. I'm getting more than a little tired of hearing demands like, "Get me some water!" and (in the whiniest voice ever) "I neeeeed a snaaaaaack," all day long. I think I say, "If you can ask me nicely, then I'll get it for you," a thousand times every day. I hope this is just a phase.

Brrr, it is cold outside! After a few really nice days, it was quite a shock. Emma and I left to go for a walk, but turned around pretty quickly because it was too cold and windy for us.

I threw up today, BUT I am thankful that it was the first time I have puked in almost two weeks!

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Anonymous said...

It is so cold out compared to the last two days!! We also tried to go outside but Bethany even said, "brrrr"! Guess winter is on its way.