Sunday, November 26, 2006

Our Thanksgiving was great. Steve, Emma, and I met my family at a cabin down at the lake for a couple days. We played games, watched old family videos (I was so, so annoying at age nine), hung out outside in the fantastic weather, and wrote our yearly "What I Am Thankful for this Year" letters. It was a perfect weekend.

Now Steve is back home, and Ems and I are staying at my mom's house. Emma hurt herself jumping on the trampoline yesterday afternoon, and has yet to put any weight on her injured foot. I forgot how much work it is to have a child who can't get around on her own! If she is still crying around and not using it by tomorrow, I'm going to try to get her into a doctor somewhere for x-rays. I feel bad for her because she is obviously in pain, and has not been her cheerful self since it happened. Can two-year-olds use crutches? I doubt it.

I am feeling completely irrational today. I brought my favorite kind of bread from home so that I could eat turkey sandwiches (my current food obsession) while I was here. Today I went to the store and got turkey, cheese, and sprouts, but when I got back here I couldn't find my bread. I know it was there yesterday, but it is mysteriously gone today. I actually had to sit on my bed and compose myself for a minute, because I was dangerously close to crying about the ridiculous missing bread. I had to eat my sandwich with some other bread my mom had, and now just writing this I am tearing up again over my lost bread. Apparently I am well on my way to becoming a completely crazy person.

ETA: Today I am thankful that Steve is such a good sport about participating in my family's traditions, including our homemade family Trivial Pursuit game, which includes questions like, "Who was Peter's second grade teacher?" and "Name all the cats we've ever owned."


David said...

While you were certainly quite annoying, I was pretty lame as well.

Anonymous said...

Sarah I can totally relate to a "missing" food item. When I was pregnant I loved chips. Loved them. I went to the pantry and didn't find any. I yelled at Corey "Did you eat all the chips??" and freaked out. I love turkey sandwhiches too. They are yummy. Sounds like you all had a wonderful thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Oh and poor little Emma I hope she is feeling better. Keep us posted on how she is doing.

Jen said...

I'm seriously laughing and crying at the same time about your missing bread. It brought back so many crazy-pregnant-lady memories from my past three years. I know EXACTLY how you feel: being so upset even while knowing its ridiculous, but that doesn't help you feel any less upset... You are not alone!

mom said...

I hope Steve realizes he is lucky to be in a family with such charming Thanksgiving traditions!

HeyJulieMama said...

Will your family adopt me?
Will broke his foot when he was 2. He crawled around for a week before finally getting a cast. The first x-ray did not show the fracture, they made me wait a few days to see if he got better, then did x-rays again. Grr. He only had to wear the cast a month, but I remember he hobbled for a long time after that. : ( Just a few months ago and out of the blue, he woke up crying, "Mommy, you should not have but that cast on me! It was slippery and I had to crawl around like a baby!" : (
Sorry to hijack... and don't mean to be a downer. Just brought back memories for me.