Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Wow, I haven't blogged in almost a week.

Emma and I spent five days at my mom's and had a great time. Here are a couple pictures of Emma while we were there.

Poor Emma is sick now. Since we so rarely get sick around here, I forget how crummy it is when it does happen. All she really has is a stuffy nose, but that makes it hard for her to sleep and I can hear her struggling to breathe all over the house. I really don't like giving her medicine, but last night we were getting no sleep so I went to look for something. I found a little unopened bottle of decongestant, but it expired over a year ago, so I chucked it. Also, yesterday Emma sneezed while I was carrying her into the post office. When we got home, after the post office, the dry cleaner, and the grocery store, I discovered a huge glob of snot on my jacket. It must have happened when she sneezed, and I'm so glad I went all over town with it stuck to me. Lovely.

Kansas City has two radio stations that play nothing but holiday music around Christmas. One of them has already started, which is a little ridiculous, but has inspired me to download many, many Christmas songs for my iPod. I love Christmas music and am so looking forward to the holidays, so Emma and I are already enjoying all Christmas music, all the time.

My friend Catherine had the idea to blog about something for which we are thankful every day during November. I'm getting a late start, but today I am thankful that, because I went to the store yesterday, today we have a refrigerator full of choices of delicious things to eat.


David said...

I agree that the advent of the Christmas holiday season already is out of control. The Christmas season is not 1/6 of the year!

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a good time! Hope Emma feels better soon!

mom said...

I love Catherine's sweet idea. I am thankful for the invention of blogs every day when I eagerly check yours, Abbie's, and Davey's.

Kelli said...

No Christmas music or decorations allowed until AFTER Thanksgiving. Yeah, right. Each year it creeps up and up and up. How can the holiday stay special when we're bombarded by it all year. Hope Emma's feeling better!