Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Emma and I spent the better part of this afternoon dying yarn, and I am really frustrated about it. The color didn't take at all, and because I know that I've used this same dye before and ended up with actual, vivid colors, I kept doing more and now I probably completely wasted three skeins of yarn. My hands are now a nasty brownish, greenish, blueish color so I know the dye was just wasn't working on the yarn. Grrrrr.

Today my midwife was over here and I showed her the diapers I've sewed so far for the baby - because who doesn't love looking at cloth diapers? She said that, in addition to her regular home visits, she has recently opened up an office and has things for sale there such as slings, pregnancy tea, and handmade items. She asked if I would sew some diapers to sell at her office, and suggested I do ten of them before the baby comes. I thought it was pretty exciting that she thought my diapers were good enough to actually market somewhere, but I decided not to do it. I could probably sell them for $15 each, and if I factor in the materials and time (each one takes me about an hour), I'd probably only make about $8 or $9 off each one. That's not such good pay by itself, but considering I can only do them when Emma's asleep, it's totally not worth it. Those hours when she is sleeping are much more valuable to me than that.

Emma and I also spent a lot of time scrapbooking today. She is making her own book, and is really getting into it. She's almost filled up an entire notebook with pictures, drawings, stickers, etc., in just a few days. Here is she working diligently

and here she is critiquing her work.

And, here is a picture of her in her new favorite outfit. A mama in my AP group gave me some maternity clothes, and Emma nabbed this shirt for herself. She's been wearing it for the last two days, and I'm sure I'll be seeing plenty more of it until she finds something else that she deems "fancy" enough for her.


Anonymous said...

lol! she looks like a lady from the 20's with her flippy hair & "fancy" dress! :) what a cutie-pie!

mom said...

I wonder what Emma will want to pack in her little pink suitcase for the ski trip!

David said...

I think that you should sell the diapers to help build up a retirement fund.