Sunday, January 14, 2007

I have a friend who actually trains dogs for shows and stuff, and, after reading my last post, she emailed me with some advice. Now I'm inspired to work with our dogs, no matter how much they will hate it, so that we can all co-exist peacefully. If I don't do this I'm afraid Steve will come home from work one day to find that I have murdered them in a fit of cold-blooded rage. Okay, maybe not, but still. Steve doesn't think there is a problem, so I had to sit him down and make a point that while he doesn't have to help me, I do need him to back me up and not sneak them food under the table or invite them up on the bed after I'm asleep. So, here are my goals:

1 - No chewing tissues. Yesterday I went to Target and bought several trash cans with those flippy tops to replace our other trash cans. Now the dogs can no longer reach in them and drag out tissues. Problem solved.

2 - No sleeping with us. I brought up the crate from the basement and am going to start putting them in there at night. That crate was used for all of about five minutes when Jose was brand new. We put him in there once, he cried that sweet little puppy cry, and we took him out. So, five years later, after never spending another second in there, I know they are going to flip out when I put them in there. I know they will bark all night, but at some point they just have to accept it, right? Maybe a week from now? Two weeks?

3 - No jumping on and climbing all over visitors - same solution as No. 2. If someone is coming over, they will go in the crate. If, at some point, I can teach them to control themselves, they can stay out.

4 - No stealing food. This will be the hardest one. I got two choke chains, and a bunch of special treats, and we're going to work on being around food that isn't theirs and actually not taking it. I am certainly no dog training expert, so I guess we'll see how it goes.

Wish me luck!

Let's see, what else...oh yeah, here is the hat I knitted for Emma out of the yarn we dyed the other day.


grandma said...

Have you ever hear of "The Dog Whisperer"? It's a TV program and I think a book. He had a segment of Oprah about training her to train her dogs and she praised him highly. Just a thought-

Deanna said...

We love the dog whisperer here too. Allison especially is way into it :-) Its on the Nat'l Geographic channel I think. We tivo it.

Love the hat! Did it self-stripe with the yarn? Looks great! Very cute and I love the colors! I just finished knitting up a booga bag, gonna do the i-cord tonight and then I have to felt it at some point..not sure if it will felt well in my front loader, so may take it to someone else's house for a felting party. It was a self-striping yarn and came out look ing so cool! I can't wait to see how it felts up. Next I'm doing a Lucy bag, which will also require felting.

Sarah said...

Deanna, it striped on it's own like that, but I didn't do it on purpose when I dyed the yarn. Sometimes when I dye yarn it will pool in weird places and not look that good, but this time I got lucky I guess. I'd love to see a picture of your booga bad!

Anonymous said...

You did wonderful job on the yarn from the picture it is really pretty. Love Emma's hat.
You will have enough to deal with soon with a baby and a toddler maybe the dogs would like a pen outside. Good luck in your training them.
Take care have wonderful knitting time and scrapebooking too.

Anonymous said...

Love the hat!

Good luck with the dogs! You can do it!

mom said...

I can't believe you knitted that darling hat so quickly! The yarn you died is perfect for it.
I sure hope your dog plans work.