Thursday, January 18, 2007

In our house, there is no getting any privacy for anything. If Emma finds the bathroom door locked, she can grab a coin out of our change bucket and unlock the door in seconds, barging in on whoever might have been trying to relish a minute or two of privacy. When my mom was here last week, she told Emma she was having peace while she took a bath, and asked Emma not to come in. It must have had an impact on her because yesterday I found the bathroom door locked and I knew Emma was inside. Through the door, I asked her what she was doing and she said, "Go away, please. I'm doing peace!" Then, a few minutes ago, she told me she wanted to do peace so would I please make a bath for her and then leave her alone. Right now she is calling me from the bathtub, saying, "Mommy! I'm finished doing peace! Now I'm just taking a regular bath so come back in here!"

More cuteness...last night she was asking if Steve was going to be home for dinner. I told her sadly that he wasn't because he had to work late again. She threw up her hands and said incredulously, "Doesn't that guy ever get hungry?"

She is starting to pronounce her "l" and "th" sounds and that makes me a little sad. Obviously it wouldn't be good if she never learned them, but it makes me sad because she talks so cutely now and I don't want her to be growing up so fast. Last night she was peeling garlic for me and actually calling it "garlic" instead of gar-ic and she now says "other" instead of uh-er. Sigh.


grandma said...

I love that "Doing peace." Your mom must know she is influential to Emma.

mom said...

I am glad none of you kids ever knew how to unlock doors when I was having "happy peace"!

David said...

You make that kid peel garlic? No wonder she wants some peace!