Friday, February 16, 2007

Gah! It's snowing again! Will this ever stop???

I have a phone now. I found one on craigslist yesterday. It's not the nicest one ever, but it was only $40, and now I can actually call and talk to other human beings throughout the day if I get the urge to do so. Whew! Don't drop your phone in any water, people!

For this new baby, I wanted to get two new carriers that I haven't used before. I bought a pouch a little while ago, but was kind of underwhelmed with it. I also ordered a hybrid pouch from Wise Woman Slings, and it came today. I love it! Now I just need that baby! I tried wearing Emma for awhile, but she is too heavy too be on my back, and no other way works because my belly gets in the way. I ordered at a great time too, because they are running a special where you get a free child-sized sling with the purchase of a regular one. Emma often ties scarves around herself and uses those as slings to carry her babies around, but I think she likes this even better!


HeyJulieMama said...

I loved my Wise Woman sling!
Do you guys want to come over next week?

Shawn said...

Those slings are gorgeous! Bethany likes her sling too. I have a hotsling you can borrow if you like. I think it is a size 4. It's just collecting dust right now so you can borrow it if you like :)

mom said...

Wednesday afternoon--This is funny--I just reread that you are sick of snow after we all went on that lovely walk in 60 degree weather!