Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This morning I am bringing Emma to get pictures taken. We haven't had any done since she turned a year old, so I figured we'd better get some with her alone before the baby comes, and since her third birthday is next week, now seems like a good time. I told her we could bring a few different outfit changes, and of course she packed every sparkly dress-up dress, piece of gaudy jewelry, and boa she owns. I packed some of her regular clothes, so hopefully I can actually get her to wear them when we get there.

On Saturday I (again) decided to step up the potty learning efforts. I took her to Target and let her pick out some more cute little underwear, and any kind of candy she wanted. She picked Jelly Bellies, and I told her she could have three of them any time she peed in the potty. She was all excited, but the next day and nine pairs of underwear and nine "Uh-oh, I forgot to pee/poop in the potty," statements later, she hadn't gotten a single Jelly Belly. Now she's back in diapers because I'm tired of cleaning up the messes, and still no using the potty. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! Why doesn't she want to do this???


David said...

That kid has got one bad memory.

dyballclan said...

I'm a lurker, but thought I'd throw my 2cents in. Do you have someone close to her age who is already potty trained that you could have over for the day? My oldest kept having accidents... we had a cousin who was 6 months older than her over for the day and as soon as she went home my little girl never had an accident again because she wanted to do everything like her cousin did. Monkey See, Monkey Do. Good Luck!!

mamaperreca said...

I was going to suggest having a potty chair in the living room and have her run around in just underwear or naked. Also I think I took Gioia every 30-60 minutes the first week of potty training.