Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Today I wasn't feeling as worn out, so I was able to get many things done:

- six loads of laundry (I was way behind!)
- went for a walk
- baked four pizza crusts, one for Chicken Pesto pizza for tonight, three to freeze
- baked pumpkin muffins
- sewed three diapers
- cleaned the bathroom
- dusted
- swept the bedrooms

It's amazing how writing down the things I did makes me feel really good about my day!

Steve and I are on the same page regarding a lot of parenting issues that are important to me - birth choices, the family bed, extended breastfeeding, vaccinations, etc. There are two things, however, on which we completely disagree - homeschooling and circumcision. We still have a couple years to work out the homeschooling issue, but are rapidly running out of time to resolve the circumcision thing. No matter how much we talk about it, we just don't agree and neither of us is willing to budge. I know the baby is going to be here and it still won't be decided, and every day I worry about what the outcome will be. At least I have nature on my side, meaning that if we can't reach an agreement and nothing gets done, I win! I just hope that's how it plays out.


Anonymous said...

Don't understand your not wanting your son to be circumcised.
Our son-inlaw was done when he was 40 as he kept having problems that having it done solved. Much better as a baby to have it done.
Maybe you will change your mind.

Sarah said...

I've done a lot of research on this, and I won't change my mind. If our son wants to get it done later on, I will support him and will pay for the procedure, but I just don't think it's our decision to make. Over 85% of them men in the world are intact, and while a rare few do have problems, the huge majority do not.

amy said...

Not sure why it's so much better to have it done to a clueless, fragile newborn... puzzling, that argument.

My spouse and I were in the same dilemma during my second pregnancy. It was very, very difficult, so I really feel for you. We even saw a counselor a few times. In the end, it was some information I printed out for him about the purpose of the foreskin, etc etc. Also he was relieved to know that times have changed and the whole locker room scene is not the same - more likely to have circ'd and intact boys, both.

Before making a final decision, I do think it makes sense for your husband to see an actual circumcision being performed - there are videos online as well as some that can be bought. I think Penn and Teller also did a very good program on this but I've never seen it.

Sorry, "comments" are not meant to be novels, but this is a topic that hits close to home.

mom said...

Sarah, could you make a deal with Steve and resolve both of these problems--have the baby circumcised but then you get to homeschool your kids?! Reading your list of possibly controversial things on which you do both agree makes me think you are lucky about that.

Katie said...

I'm with you Sarah, and my Steve is with your Steve. Has he watched a video of it being done? My Steve refuses to watch it because he knows it will change his mind! (of course, he wont admit that!)