Monday, March 26, 2007

GRRRR! A guy from one of the dealerships we visited on Saturday called Steve today and told him that someone had traded in a van that was exactly what we wanted, and told him a price that we thought sounded great. Steve left work to go there and check it out. After driving it, liking it, and calling me to discuss it, he was ready to sit down and try to work out a deal. The sales guy went to talk to his manager, and then came back and said he was sorry, but they wouldn't let him sell it for the price he'd already quoted! What a bunch of unprofessional losers! Blah!

I took Emma to the doctor today. They wanted me to get her to pee in a cup. Please, people. I have been trying unsuccessfully for months just to get this kid to pee in a potty, there was no chance whatsoever that she was going to pee in a little two inch cup. Still, I tried, but she assured me she would rather do it next Thursday instead. Coincidentally, that's when she always tells me she'll be ready to use the potty. I am skeptical, however, because a lot of Thursdays have come and gone and still no peeing in the potty. Anyway, the poor girl hadn't peed since last night - and didn't finally go until 4:30 today - so no urine sample was given. Our doctor said we could give her antibiotics, but I'm really reluctant to do that, especially when we're not completely 100% positive she has a bladder infection. We left and I just planned to load her up with cranberry extract, but then she really seemed to be in pain and she still wasn't peeing. He had said that holding it would make it worse because the bacteria would sit there and multiply instead of getting flushed out. So, I ended up having them call in the prescription and I went and got her some probiotics to take as well. Poor Emma.

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amy said...

Poor Emma... she is so sweet with the Thursday comment. I think the meds are a good idea in this case, fwiw. Not that you asked :-)