Thursday, March 01, 2007

I had a professor in college who I had kind of forgotten about until recently. Last week I found out that he allegedly strangled his boyfriend in 2004, and is now on trial for murder. There was a trial in October, but due to a hung jury, he is on trial again starting this week. I've read every article I can find about it, and I'm convinced that he's innocent. I remember him being a really nice guy and I keep thinking about him and feeling sorry that he's going through this. I hope they find him not guilty.

We are planning to get bunk beds for the new bedroom, and Emma is very excited about them. Every day she asks if today is the day we're getting the new bunk beds. I didn't expect anyone to be sleeping in them for awhile, and I never said anything to her about her sleeping in them. Somehow she has gotten the idea that as soon as we get the bunk beds, she will sleep in there. Yesterday she told me that it will be sad that she won't sleep with us anymore, but she will have lots of fun in the bunk beds. I'm amused that she thinks this, but am also 99% certain she will not really sleep there as soon as she finds herself alone in there for, oh, about thirty seconds. Apparently, I think I know her better than she knows herself.

Today I was lamenting my lack of clothes that fit, and I put on one of my regular shirts just for kicks. After I put it on, Emma told me I better change right away because the baby brother was probably getting cold!


Katie said...

Awwwww! Look at you! You are adorable!! Beautiful belly! Im jealous!

Hannah said...

I'm so jealous too. Your belly is amazing:)