Thursday, March 22, 2007

This morning we had our carpet cleaned, and looking at all the plush expanse of perfectly spotless carpet has made me happy all day. I know it will look like it's old, stained, spotty self again soon so I'm trying to enjoy it while I can. If we ever get new carpet, I think I'm going to implement a rule of no food or drinks on the carpet. Somehow I don't think a rule of that magnitude will go over so well, especially since Steve already thinks I'm a fascist for making the dogs sleep on the floor!

I am going through picture posting withdrawal. Since we are (not really) working on the office, all the computer stuff is pushed to the middle of the room and a bunch of it is unplugged. My camera dock happens to be one of those things, and I could probably fix it if I wanted, but I don't want to wade through the huge mass of wires to figure it out. So, don't be expecting any pictures any time soon.

We still don't have any TV, which is nice, but I'm sort of cheating. I started renting Grey's Anatomy from Blockbuster. I had never seen the show before last week, but now I'm on season 2, episode 6 and I really like it. Emma is in bed already (!) and Steve wants to watch this week's 24 on the computer, but I may have to skip that in favor of watching another episode of Grey's. Decisions, decisions...

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mom said...

Shoot! I really enjoyed your pictures. I guess you will finish the office and kids' room this weekend, though, so you can send pictures again next week!