Sunday, March 04, 2007

Wonderful news! Steve has agreed to leave our son intact! I am SO relieved about this. I was so disappointed that, after being presented with all the facts, he still wanted to go ahead with such a horrible procedure, but now he has renewed my faith in him. After he told me that, I was feeling generous, so I told him we could name the baby his favorite name. I'm not a huge fan of the name, but I better start getting used to it, I suppose. Now we have two big decisions taken care of.

I told someone I would sew a few diapers to sell to her, and I'm pretty nervous about it. When I'm sewing diapers for my own kids, who cares if my stitching isn't straight or my snaps aren't perfectly aligned? Now I have to be really meticulous about things like that, and what if I find out that I really can't even sew a straight line? I just hope she doesn't feel ripped off after she gets them.

I may have made a big mistake. This morning I signed up for a swap for which I am planning to knit five dishcloths by March 15th. At the time I was thinking knitting five dishcloths would be no problem, but I wasn't thinking about how soon March 15th actually is. Eeek! I really need to get busy on those. I can do it - clean laundry is overrated anyway, right? Right?


amy said...

what a relief for your little guy. Not sharing that name, I guess? ;-)

Do you care to share what changed your wise man's mind?

mom said...

What are you getting in the swap that is worth five darling dishcloths? It had better be something really good!

mom said...

When I reread your post I noticed something funny--"When I'm sewing diapers for my own kids..." It seems strange to me to think of you as the mother of more than one kid, even though the new little bunny will be here so soon.