Tuesday, May 01, 2007

For the first time, I'm having an issue with only having one bed in the house. If I can manage to get both kids to nap in bed at one time, that is great. However, no matter how fast I sprint back there as soon as one of them wakes up, by the time I get there the other one has been woken up too. Very frustrating. Although I'm not sure a second bed somewhere would make any difference because getting them both down to sleep at the same time in two different spots would be darn near impossible.

I'm implementing a new plan today in hopes of finally getting Emma interested in using the potty. I normally don't think bribes are a good idea, but I'm starting to get desperate. I bought a bunch of cheap little trinket things and wrapped them. Well, okay, I only had time to wrap four so far but I will do the rest soon. I put them in a bowl which I then set in the bathroom. When she asks about it, I'm going to tell her that she can pick one of those presents out every time she pees in the potty. I'm interested to see what she'll do.

Pics of the kids:

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David said...

I hope that Emma finally catches on to this plan.