Saturday, May 05, 2007

Last night, at the last minute, we decided to go to the ballgame. It was the best time at a Royals game I've had in awhile. Every time we went last summer, I spent half the game walking around the concourse with Emma while Steve got to sit and watch the game. Last night both Emma and Noah sat happily for the whole game. I was about to get all twitchy watching the amount of junk that Emma consumed, but I guess once in awhile is okay. There were fireworks after the game, and although Emma has been terrified of fireworks the last couple years, she proudly told us before the game that since she was three, she was "brave with fireworks" and would be happy to watch them. She did get a little nervous when the display started, but as long as Steve held his hands over her ears she was fine.

Since Noah was born, I've had no time to do all the stuff I really like to do. I haven't done a single scrapbook layout or sewed a single stitch. I have attempted to knit, and here is a picture of what I've accomplished. Are you ready for this?

That is the (very) beginning of an I-cord to go around the waist of these shorts that I completed before Noah was born. By the time I finish the I-cord, he just might be too big to wear them.

Emma found a pair of hose somewhere in the basement yesterday and has been having fun with her new "crazy hat". She even wore it to Target yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Emma is classic. Her hat is a hoot. She looks adorable.

Anonymous said...

I'm really happy you can go to the Royals games again. Next summer will probably be worse when Noah won't want to sit and watch.
I love Emma's blue dress.