Wednesday, May 30, 2007

These few months are pretty crazy for us. Just about every life-changing event that exists is happening to someone in my family. I had a baby, two of my brothers graduated from college, my other brother graduated from high school, my dad is getting ordained, and one of my brothers is getting married. All that in a span of three months!

We are going home tomorrow for the ordination, which is on Saturday, and also to have Noah's baptism, which will be on Sunday. My dad is going to baptize him, which will be so cool. He is also going to marry my brother and his wife later this month. Anyway, my hair is looking pretty ratty so I really wanted to get it cut and highlighted before this weekend. I made an appointment for tomorrow morning, and I'm kind of nervous about it. Steve is going to hang out at a nearby shopping center with both kids so he can bring Noah to me if he needs to nurse. The whole thing won't even take two hours, but Steve has not been alone with the kids before, and Noah has not been away from me before. Hopefully they can just hang out at Borders and read books the whole time.

Kids are awake. Wish us luck tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

That seems hilarious: "Steve has never been alone with the kids before"! No wonder you feel stressed sometimes when you are with them 24/7! Good luck, Honey.

David said...

It was nice, I suppose, to see all of your fam this weekend.