Thursday, July 05, 2007

Last night we were planning to go to the Royals game, then watch the fireworks there afterwards. It started raining so we decided to skip the game and go out to eat instead. We were going to go see some fireworks later on if it stopped raining, but both kids fell asleep on the way home from dinner. Having both kids in bed at 8:30 is way more exciting to me than any fireworks could ever be!

I was able to sew another pair of little overalls for Noah. Something is not right about them, though. The legs and snaps are wonky and the whole outfit just doesn't look good. You win some, you lose some, I guess.

Yesterday I bought a rotary cutter and cutting mat at Joann's, and last night I attempted my very first quilting project. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that in order to actually cut straight lines I'd need a clear ruler thingey. So, this attempt is pretty abysmal, but it was still fun. I was going to make it into a pillow, but I'm sure no one wants this pillow sitting around so I think I will finish it up and make a real little quilt out of it. It will be a good learning experience and Emma will like the finished masterpiece for her dolls. Oh, and today I went back to Joann's and bought the ruler thing so my next project should look a little better. At least I hope.

I also added some appliqué to those other yellow overalls I sewed for Noah. The star is boring, but it was my first attempt at appliqué so I wanted to do something simple. I purposely made the stitches uneven because I thought it would make it look sort of artsy (and I also didn't trust myself to make even stitches) but it mostly just looks like a two year old did it.

Emma and Steve have such a great time whenever it's just the two of them. Earlier this week he took her to the mall because she wanted to go play on the playground there, and tonight while I was gone they went to Target and bought her this outfit. Because if there's one thing Emma needs, it's one more fancy dress-up dress right? He also got me a grill pan I've been wanting, so I think I need to leave the two of them alone more often!


Allison said...

I think the star looks artsy. Great colors for your pillow/quilt project.
I love my rotary cutter!

Christina said...

Could you be any more crafty??? When do you find the time to do ALL that fun stuff!? The dress on Emma is so cute! Brookie loves her dress ups too! Noah is getting so big! Congrats on having the kids in bed at 8:30!!! Wooohooo!!

mom said...

Golly, you are ambitious, Sarah!

Anonymous said...

edts Your children are so cute. Baby is growing so fast.
Love the dress up clothes that Emma picks out she is so cut in them.
Don't know how you do so many projects with the little ones to take care of, but admire you for all the things you accomplish.