Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We ended up having a great time while swimming on Monday - except for a small catastrophe - and I'm planning on taking the kids to the pool a lot for the rest of the summer because we had so much fun. The small catastrophe occurred while Emma was riding in a little floaty thing and I was sitting by the pool watching her. I looked away for one second, and when I looked back she had flipped over and was stuck upside down, under water in the floaty thing! Her little legs were just kicking in the air as she struggled to flip back over. I jumped up yelling and, luckily, another adult was nearby to reach over and flip her back over. She was pretty upset, but seemed to get over it in a few minutes. I, however, could not stop shaking for quite awhile afterwards. After this I will always be super vigilant in the water and never stop watching her for even a split second. That was SO scary, but it's even scarier to think about what might have happened if no one had seen her soon enough. Shudder.

We've been at my mom's since Monday. It's so nice to be here and have other people around for adult conversation all day. I'm also not complaining about the extra help I get with the kiddos while I'm here. Tonight my mom and grandma are taking Emma to see a Peter Pan play, and I'm planning to drive us back home afterwards. I'm hoping to leave here at 11:30 tonight, which will put us home around 2:30 a.m. That way I can be pretty sure both kids will sleep the whole way, and I am very much looking forward to a few hours to be alone with my thoughts and my music. Just to be safe, I will definitely have to tank up on coffee before we leave.


Melinda said...

My husband was in Emma's place when he was about 4 and he is still traumatized about it. I'm starting to think floats are the real danger. Very scary. I'm glad you guys are both ok.

Mary said...

I take all 4 of my kids to the pool. I am usually by myself. I find water wings (arm floaties) work great with my 3 & 5 year old. I am in the water with them, but it allows them a little independence and I am able to hold the baby.