Sunday, October 14, 2007

My mom is visiting us this week (yay!) and her train was supposed to get in at 8:50 tonight. Of course, in typical Amtrak fashion, the train is running hours behind so she's not actually going to be getting here until after midnight. Mostly not a big deal because Emma and I would be up anyway, but I'm going to have to wake Noah and bring him along. It would not be good if he woke up while I was gone, mostly because Steve would have no way to make him happy, and also because Steve has to leave at 4:00 a.m. in the morning to catch his flight to Chicago. Let's just hope he's a happy (and asleep) guy on the way to the train station.

I am really annoyed with the post office. Last week I took two flat rate envelopes in there, both stuffed with fabric. I have both mailed and received many flat rate envelopes that are completely stuffed, and the cost is always $4.60. Hence the term flat rate. Well, this time I went to a different post office, and the lady told me I was going to have to pay more since they were so thick. I said, "But those are flat rate envelopes." She said, "Yes, but these aren't flat anymore. They are packages, not envelopes." Whatever. Flat refers to the RATE, not the ENVELOPE! I should have argued more, or left and taken them to my regular post office, but I just paid the $6.50 apiece that she charged me. I'm not going back there anymore. And THEN, last Thursday I came home to one of those little slips that tells you to go into the post office because you have a package waiting there, and when I went in on Friday, they couldn't find my package! I'm sure it's some lovely handmade swap item, and I'm going to be so disappointed if it's lost for good.

Two more things: One, I sewed another Twirly Skirt for a swap,and Two, I won the contest from My Zoe Bug! I'm so excited!


Peter said...

I also find that I sometimes wish I had argued more after getting gypped. I hope you all have a great time while Mom's there.

Amy said...

That skirt is just great! I have that on my list of things to make for Zoe. I just got home from the post office, and yoru package should arrive soon. I do hope you enjoy everything! I had a lot of fun doing the giveaway and will have another planned for November and December. Have a great visit with your mom!