Friday, October 05, 2007

Today was a big day for Noah. I was recently telling my grandma that I sort of feel like I got cheated out of having a newborn. Where did that time go? It's like I blinked and now he's an old baby, instead of a new baby. Tonight at dinner he was grunting and reaching for my food, so I decided to let him try some solid food for the first time. I cut up some squash for him, even though all the while I was mourning the loss of his little virgin gut. He seemed intrigued by it, but I don't think even a speck of it got into his mouth, so I guess his tummy will remain unscathed for at least a little longer.THEN, after dinner he was gnawing on my finger and I felt a little pointy bump digging into me. He has a tooth! At this rate, by next month he'll be driving off to college.

Tonight Emma and I had a really great night. Steve and Noah were asleep at 9:00, and ever since then she and I have been hanging out in the basement together, playing and sewing. We did take a break to make milkshakes at some point. She really is great company. I don't even mind the fact that I have to stop sewing every two minutes to turn something right side out for her because she is changing her clothes yet again. She always says, "Can you inside this out?" Yes, I can, but mostly just because I like hearing her say that.

Tomorrow Steve is taking off work again and we're going to the American Royal. It will be his third day off this week. I could get used to this!


Alissa said...

Robby has a tooth nub too! I can't believe it, it does seem like the newborn time just goes way too fast.

David said...

I bet that if you let Noah have some of the pudding-with-marshmallow treat from Wednesday, he would be even more excited than he was for the mushy, creepy vegetable! That American Royal looks amazing; I am almost jealous of you.

Mary Beth said...

So sweet. And I do relate. My youngest is about to turn one!