Thursday, December 06, 2007

I thought it would be fun to make our Christmas cards this year, and I've been working on them here and there for the past few weeks. They are nothing fancy, but I like the idea of sending handmade cards. That is, until I ordered the pictures to include in the cards. They are too big by almost an inch all the way around! I can't cut that much off the pictures, so I'm probably going to end up ditching the handmade card idea and just buying some cards. Bah.

One of my least favorite chores is cleaning the bathtub/shower, so when I saw a commercial for this nifty gadget, my interest was piqued. Tonight at Target I went to check it out. There's that old saying about something that sounds too good to be true, so I was definitely skeptical. However, I asked myself if something that even had the possibility of enabling me to never clean the shower again was worth twenty bucks to me, and the answer is yes. Absolutely, one hundred percent YES. I'll let you know if it really works.

I am growing very weary of Steve's being out of town week after week. Just a few more weeks left though, thankfully. After days of not being able to even turn on my sewing machine, last night I finally had a chance to work on some presents. After waking up and needing to be nursed back to sleep about 271 times, Noah finally slept for a decent, and very welcome, chunk of time.
Today was a long day and I really wanted to get out of the house for awhile tonight. I took the kids to Chipotle for dinner, and then made a couple other stops to pick up some provisions for the evening. I tried to forget about sewing and dishes and laundry and all that other stuff, and you know? My night improved drastically when I just let those things go.I haven't posted too many pictures of the kids lately, so here you go.

My precious boy, who is now really truly crawlingand my sweet girl, who makes this faceor does thiswhenever she sees me get out the camera.


Anonymous said...

Shoot, that's a shame about your charming homemade cards. Hopefully you can send them next year.
Emma looks so cute with her haircut and colorful legwarmers.
I bet Noah is harder to watch now that he can crawl. What are we going to do about our steps and fireplace?!
The people who sell the shower cleaner should give them free to people with blogs. If it works, I'm sure you will inspire your dozens of readers to rush out and buy it!

Abbie said...

It is funny: even though Emma is clearly not cooperating, she still looks like the cutest little girl.

Mary Beth said...

Oh, I can relate to the no time to sew quandry and the up a million times to nurse quandry. I'm glad you made a nice evening of it. I'm a big believer in taking them out to dinner when I husband is away. It's such a nice change of pace and they are usually entertained by the change of scenery. And I do love your cards--too bad about the picture not fitting!