Saturday, December 29, 2007

Whew! What a busy bunch of days! We were at my mom's house until Wednesday, and Steve has been off work all week, so even the non-routine that we usually have going around here is thrown off. Still, I'm determined to update today so no one thinks I've dropped off the face of the earth or something else equally catastrophic.

Christmas with my family was lots of fun. Noah, who has always been a pretty friendly guy, suddenly morphed into a big time mama's boy and is only happy in my arms. He will grin and flirt like crazy, but as soon as someone tries to take him from me, he looks like this:I think my mom and grandmas especially were disappointed that, due to his recent personality change, they were only able to coo and smile at him from afar.

Emma received a ridiculous amount of fancy dresses, and of course loves them all. All her oodles of dress-up clothes are in a (very large) basket in her room, and that basket is currently stacked on top of a bunch of other stuff because Steve is painting in her room today. As soon as she noticed that the basket was out of reach, she slumped to the floor and said very dramatically, "Oh, no! I'll never be able to be fancy again!"I've been looking forward to showing all the Christmas crafting I did, but now after uploading pictures I realized that I can't show some pictures because certain gifts haven't been given yet, and other gifts were finished in such a frenzy at the end that I forgot to take pictures. Rats. So for now, this is all I've got - a wonderfully exciting oven mitt and pot holder that I made for my grandma (who loves cardinals).It seems that almost every morning we wake up with a little more snow than we had the day before. I'm not super fond of bundling everyone up and going out to play in the snow, so Emma was really excited to have a chance to play outside yesterday while Steve was shoveling the walk. So much fun, in fact, that I'm thinking I should probably get over it and take the poor kid out to play sometimes. Brrr!


Amy said...

send some more snow to St. Louis! We had some but it is all melted now and all we are seeing is rain. Poor Zoe was sick through all of it and is just dying to make a snowman!
Love the dress up face! You can tell it makes her blissfully happy!

Anonymous said...
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Mary Beth said...

Hi Sarah. Noah is so adorable!! I never realized before how much he looks like Emma. And I love how dramatic she is about the dresses. She cracks me up. Good to see you back!
Mary Beth

mom said...

Poor Noah looks so miserable with me! I love Emma's snow hat.
Wait till you readers see pictures of the wonderful presents Sarah sewed for her mom and dad!

Allison said...

I'm glad you guys had a nice Christmas. Emma looks very fancy in her outfit.